Gabriel's Clock

Gabriel's Clock - Hilton Pashley This is a fun paranormal novel for youthful readers. With a menagerie of characters including demons, angels, werewolves, gargoyles and talking cats!

The book starts off at a very fast pace when Jonathan and his parents are attacked by demons. Although he does not know them as such his parents do. They have a secret he does not know. His mother is a demon and his father of angel descent, leaving Jonathan the first mix of the two and thought to be much more powerful. After the attack, Jonathan wakes in the unique town of Hobbs End.

I loved this town! I would love to live in a town just like it I think! The quaintness mixed the quirky characters and the country charm... so ideal! It is here Jonathan makes some interesting friends unlike any he has ever had. This town is special. Created when the angel Gabriel fell to Earth it is a haven for many.

I adored many of the characters in this book. Each character unique but everyone in this town has a heart of gold! The only thing I wish was that the demons were very mild, even for a middle grade fantasy.

While I liked the story overall, there is a lack of anticipation. Also, lots of questions, such as why Lucifer allows others to help rule hell and where is God during all this. Also how did Jonathan's parents meet as it is not everyday demons and angels get together.

Generally lighthearted for the most part, I can see many middle graders highly enjoying this book. It is enjoyable for what it is and I an mildly curious for the next book. For older readers who are skeptical of fantasy or paranormal this can work as a light starting book. Or for those who like richer content and intrigue this may seem a bit lacking. But for that 9-14 year old this is a good choice. It is a very clean novel which is rare it seems these days.

3 1/2 stars
*I was loaned a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair/honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.