Lycanthor the Werewolf (The Dragon Fyre Blade, Book 1)

Lycanthor the Werewolf (The Dragon Fyre Blade, Book 1) - Aiden Storm I started off with the book, amused by the title Lycanthor the Werewolf being the lycanthropy is the condition of being a werewolf. So simple play on words there.

While I could enjoy the story one a few levels I had a major problem with it. I could not figure out what the age group was. It was mentioned as Middle Grade level but being so short it seemed odd. The main character is 13 year old Jack which does fit for that age range and some of the words in the book and the concept of werewolves is more middle grade. Yet the pace, structure and writing seems geared to 1st-3rd graders. Most middle schoolers I know of would be bored with this. It has about the same level of depth as The Magic Treehouse books. Very similar structure to the story actually. So, like I said, conflicting above all else. Yet Werewolves, demon lords, etc can be a bit much for young children in my opinion.

Now, it does have potential. If the story deepens with the next book, is more active, rich and more challenging it would be a great fantasy series for 6-8 graders. I see hope for Jack's character to mature as his adventure continues. This first book is just the beginning it seems...

Overall rating 2.5 stars.