Iron Crowned

Iron Crowned  - Richelle Mead Eugenie Markham is quite the kick-butt heroine! She is queen of the Thorn Land, half-human, half-fae and she is in the middle of a huge war with The Rowan Land. This book starts off with a great start.

***Please note if you have not read the previous two books of the series I suggest doing so before reading further to avoid past spoilers.***

Working with her current lover, King Dorian, along with her advisors Shaya and Rurik, Eugenie is trying to manage the war with minimal damage. And she still has to manage her Earthly job, banishing and dealing with unwanted visitors. Bills must be paid after all! I do not think I could handle the dual life. It's no wonder her judgement slips some in this book.

Yes, it slips. In a few areas of life. The biggest being she STILL cannot stick to a guy. While she starts of with smooth, dominant, hot, and somewhat manipulative Dorian, she switches (yet AGAIN) back to Kiyo. Kiyo the kitsune, father Queen Maiwenn's daughter, sexy and very anti-war. After basically abandoning her in the past book, she goes to him in an an insta-switch moment after she feels Dorian tricked her.

Now I can deal with the love triangles where they like each other but don't act much on it. But I hate when one can't decide and ping-pongs her affections the way Eugenie is!

Outside of the romantic aspects of this book, Eugenie is trying to one up Katrice of Rowan Land and the rumored Iron Crown might be the answer. Jasmine really starts to come around in this book and I am starting to actually like her. And the famous animosity between Tim and Lara come to a surprise (and unrealistic) head when they finally meat!

There is also a bit of story for a ghost named Deanna who wants Eugenie's help. While a small bit role. the information she has for Eugenie is priceless!

Some major turns in this book! While I did enjoy it overall, Eugenie's behavior and the relationship bounces did put me off a bit. The story I love and Richelle Mead's writing style continues to impress. Few authors have drawn me into their worlds the was she has done so far.