Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus: The 1818 Text (World's Classics)

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus: The 1818 Text (World's Classics) - Mary Shelley An interesting tale filled drawn out in the elegant prose of the era in which it is written. Full of depth and emotions one does not often see in today's literature. Yet there are a few things that kept this from being as fulfilling as the potential it held.

Starting off are some letters that at first confused me. I thought I knew the story of Frankenstein but I had no clue who this captain was. Luckily the pieces are soon drawn together. Yet while I am trying to figure out who is who my mind is rapidly working to change gears from common, current verbiage to the poetic, old English style in which this story is form. While utterly beautiful, it did take awhile to be able to fully appreciate it.

The next thing that has me thrown off is how easily the "Wretched Monster" learns. And how he knew about Frankenstein and his homeland when is states that Frankenstein immediately bails on his creation one it is alive. It must not have been as quick as described....

And the monster-he is amazing and filled with emotion. Overwhelmingly so. He seems to feel things more strongly than man. Be it love, loneliness... or hated! His tale is both wonderful and yet heart-wrenching at the same time.

I wish the book covered more of how the monster came to be. And as for Frankenstein, he sure was sick often in this book. Sheesh! I neither liked nor disliked his character.

This is very, VERY different from the movies I have seen. I almost wonder if ANY of the scriptwriters have ever actually read the book. Why have none of them correctly portrayed the story?! It would be so much better! Maybe one of these days, someone will get it right...

Final rating: 3.5 on enjoyment, 4.5 stars on writing!