Crimson Spell, Vol. 2

Crimson Spell, Vol. 2 - Ayano Yamane Much like volume 1 of this series the artwork enchants me once more. It is the biggest asset this series starts. I love looking at each image. Especially Vald in his demon form. He gets the most delicious markings!

The story is still sadly lacking. We get a bit of a better feel for Havi and Vald. Havi seems to really like taking advantage of Vald in his demon form. I can't help but wonder how Vald will react when he finds out. I am still questioning and wondering at Havi's role in everything. I want to trust him, but as of this volume I just can't. How he uses Vald against his knowledge does not help.

My favorite series character, Rulca plays such a small role but I love him. I want more of him. Keep an eye on Vald, Rulca!

I really hope the story picks up the pace soon. If not for the gorgeous artwork I would have given up on this series. If just has not grabbed me yet. I see potential but it is just invisible right now. I hope volume 3 pulls things together more.

***Please note, this is a mature, ages 18+ Yaoi.***

*I received an ecopy of this volume from Viz Media via Edelweiss in exchange for a fair, honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.*