Ernest and Celestine

Ernest and Celestine - Gabrielle Vincent The story is cute and the art is very well done. Celestine loses her favorite toy in the snow and ernest works hard to replace it. The love Ernest shows her and the love she has for her toy and the joy of sharing are all very evident.
For very young children, this is great but for a child who likes to ask questions, this book holds plenty. Such as "Why didn't Ernest just rescue the frozen toy?" Is Ernest her dad? She lives with his so he must be. Why doesn't she call him that and why is he a bear and not a mouse like her"
When reading this book with a small group of children at the library, I was bombarded with these questions. I could make assumptions to go with it but I hate doing that to another's work. So it did cost the book. But still, overall work the read and the classic art style is wonderful.