Shawndirea: Chronicles of Aetheaon: Book One

Shawndirea: Chronicles of Aetheaon: Book One - Leonard D. Hilley II This was fantastic! It has been a long time since I have picked up a heavy, epic style fantasy. It was not what I had expected entering this story but it is what I got.

We start of win a man named Ben who is off catching butterflies yet finds a rare surprise in his net one day. A faery name Shawndirea. A sweet, beautiful, slightly rebellious fairy who was visited the other side of the veil. Yet caught in his nets her wings are destroyed. So Ben vows to taker her home safely to get her wings back. A simple enough concept, right? Oh NO! There is so much more, from the greed ridden colleague chase, to demons, Immortals searching for power, zombies, witches, wizards and more!

On the other side, Ben learns of magic and meets some friends (and enemies). Amongst those he meets are Lehrling (a paladin type of character), The blacksmith Reise, a thief, dwarf, elf and others. You get where I am going with this for any classic fantasy fans? So yes, we have our adventure party! And their travels so far in this first book are amazing!

This book is borders on a dark fantasy. There is a lot of violence, evil magic, zombies and some other mature content in this book. Wonderfully done. But to those who do not like character deaths, anger hatred and revenge running rampant then you may want to find something a little more cheerful. Yet this does have some light moments too. It is all so well blended together, keeping the reader riveted to the adventure.

Honestly I loved this book! There was lots of levels to the plots. Some resolved, others just beginning. An epic saga in the making. I love the world the author has created. It is something to behold. Yet dangerous enough I doubt I would want to visit! Each character has his own history and personality. We delve a bit into them all so you really get a feel for the group. While Ben is the main focal point we do jump around. Dark forces are moving through the lands and this first book just starts to scrape the surface of what is to come.

I am very eager for the next book. While I hope the wait is short, it o one that will be worth whatever wait there is for the book to be done right. There are a lot of details, aspects and multi-leveled plots but not so many as to confuse you. Just enough to make the world seem very real. Think Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings. So overall, fantastic job! I was very pleased and honored to have the chance to read this.

**I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.**