Not a Drop to Drink

Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis Where to begin? I have a lot of thoughts on this book but I am struggling putting them in order. I know I deeply enjoyed this story yet I still have so much I am wondering about at the same time. So my rating for this is actually more like 3.5 stars.

Let me start off with saying the I loved the style in which this book was written. It is rich, deep and meaningful. It drew my into the story, creating a very vivid portrayal of Lynn's life. Not many young adult novels seem to have to practical depth and maturity this book carries.

Lynn is a very impressive young woman. She has lived a harsh reality to this point in her life. It has always been just her and her mother alone. She has only briefly had contact with one other person (her neighbor Stebbs)her entire life. They manner in which they live can make farm life seem easy. Gathering and "purifying" water, gathering food, hunting, gathering wood, looting for supplies as needed. And the most important thing-scout and protect their water and land.

One fall life as Lynn knows it begins to change. She gets to know others. A girl named Lucy, a teenage boy named Eli and Lucy's mother (Neva) along with really getting to know Stebbs. I must say I think he is my favorite character. I mentally see him as a sort of uncle to her in the end. How well he takes to her showing up with Lucy was priceless.

You can quickly visualize Lynn's life and empathize with her on many levels. The reality she is stuck living is rough but it doesn't help how I can see life one day being quite similar. The current drought situations where I live do not help (haha).

Where I was confused is when this is happening? How long has life been this way. The world building left a lot to be desired. Why life was the way it was. Is the whole world like this overall? We know it has been at least 16 years for trouble. There are laws for only 1 child or they would be exiled yet Eli had an older brother. So that must have been less than those 16 years for those laws. So when where the major life turning points (such as how long since the country has water and electricity?). Lynn gets some medicine that is only 5 years expired. Where did that come from being t must have been less then 16 years old? Just a lot of odd gaps. I would love to do an interview with Mindy McGinnis with all this at some point. I guess I will simply hope the next book will explain this all better.

While the lack of world building was frustrating, the life Lynn lives is captivating in a worrisome way. I still found her life riveting. The only other thing that bothered me was how easily she adapted to all these new people in her life. It doesn't add up.

This is a mature young adult. There is language, mentioning of rapes, death, and harsh survival. Great for older teens and adults. I see lots of potential for Mindy McGinnis' future works!