unFocused - Roselyn Jewell This was not what I was expecting. While I expected Hilary to be homosexual and into girls I did not expect homosexuality to rule the book! I feel like the rest of the plot is lost amongst that battle.

In her community, homosexuality is not accepted and heavily frowned upon so Hilary is constantly defending herself against liking girls. She has a one track mind on her career goal. So when she is sent off for a job she didn't want, with a boy she doesn't like to a city she doesn't wnat to be, it is easy to sympathize with her. No real life choices here apparently.

SHe is set up to work as a detective and I saw some great story potential. Yet every couple clicks of the pages of my kindle and it was clear the real focus was her homosexuality, others sexuality and the lack of acceptance.

I felt like it was being slapped in my face and if I wanted that to be the only focus my time would have been better spent at a Pride Festival or something. Seriously, they even start a homosexual club in this book.

So much potential is lost here. Possible dystopian society plot and black market secrets overruled by a Pride Festival in novel format it seems. Potential was here but the focus was way too strong in one area and had I known that area was going to be such a focal point, I would not have read the book to be honest. Just not my cup of tea but it does not mean others cannot enjoy this.

While the world building needs work, the characters have potential and Hilary is easy to get a story from.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair/honest review*