The Ishbane Conspiracy

The Ishbane Conspiracy - Angela  Alcorn, Karina Alcorn, Randy Alcorn A relatively interesting book about a group of teenagers and the spiritual battle that is wages over theirs souls. Lots of good points are made in this book in how easy it is to fall prey to evil without even realizing it.

On the flip side, I felt the book was a bit too preachy, even for Christian fiction. I love a good religious discussion but I have never liked being talked AT. And I feel that is what this book does. While parts can be an eye opener for certain life aspects it came across as nagging especially when it comes to Rob's character. Still, it is a thought provoking book.

The chapters are short and each one includes a letter correspondence from a a demon. at first the letters were amusing and even insightful but about halfway through I just started to half-skim over them and just read the actual chapters. They became way to repetitious.

The ending was unexpected and not sure I liked it. The Characters varied. Rob came across as a Bible-thumper, which is something even as a Christian I do not like. Ian is more a side character until the end so when his story becomes vital I just could not relate. Jillian, Daniel and Brittany were okay but none of the characters really jumped out at me.

The messages the book conveyed were good and the style was interesting. Even though I do not see demons writing letters to each other, the plotting they were at felt very real. It really makes you think what is going on around us that we don't see.

**I received this book in exchange for a fair, honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own.**