Midnight Run

Midnight Run - Bailey Bradford A fun, short read at 50 pages or less. Midnight Run was a perfect "one evening" read. The writing is light yet each point comes across clear.

In this story we have two very different characters. Jack the alpha wolf without a pack to follow him. And then there is Malakai (love that name), an artic wolf shifter who has been trapped most of his life and very submissive in nature. While questions about Malakai's family and about Jack's as well remained in my mind, the relation between them was well done for how short the story is. I think a drawn out book for this, giving them more time to get to know one another and Malakai time to get more used to his human form would have made the book even better I did enjoy the read.

This was my first fix shifter novel and let me tell you I am craving MORE (so if you know of any other fox shifter novels, let me know)! The idea of the fox yipping around some wolves is just too much!

The author did a fair job balancing the story line with the romance/erotic/bdsm side of the story. And that is often not easy to do with something so short. However I feel a different cover would have been nice. These are suppose to be young, attractive men, and the face on the cover does not convey that at all to me. In fact, it put a bit of a barrier up against Malakai's character since he is young, hot, and starved-skinny with pointy ears (yes his fox trait there remains).

So except for the short length and the cover, I enjoyed this story and will be on the lookout for other works by Bailey Bradford.