Hollywood - Gore Vidal this was a surprisingly well written book! It was a last minute grab to read and even as an adult, I can appreciate this story. It is perfect for the 5th-8th grade reading levels.

Laney is very easy to relate to. I don't think anyone likes have to up and move away from their friends and what is familiar to them. from a Florida city and ocean to the middle of the states in Colorado. Her story of adapting to her new environment is very well shared with the reader. It is easy to put myself in her shoes as she struggles to come to terms with things. i love the bond she forms with her new neighbor. Touching!

Then there are the alpacas. What an education even I got here! So sad how her family got in over their heads taking them on. They had no clue what they were doing. Lots of lessons for everyone here.

This is a very fast read. You get quickly enveloped by Laney's reality so is is a smooth ride filled with life's ups and downs.