Unofficial Sailor Moon Episode Guide

Unofficial Sailor Moon Episode Guide - TAK Publishing Disappointing. At first, running throughout the character bios was fun and a 'blast to the past' fun moment. But then it literally just covers teh episodes. Summary after summary. Glad I watched the series years ago or I would have been ruined for the series. This guide holds nothing back.

The writing is dry. Not entertaining at all. I had hoped for at least some insight, unique perspective, tie-in references, etc. Nothing like that. Just episode number (even disc number for the dvd sets) and title name and a paragraph summary. One after another.

Now since it has been a long time since watching the series, I did enjoy the refresher aspect. A few times I did no "Oh, I forgot about that!" But if I was watching or recently watched the series I would have likely DNFed this. So mostly not worth the time unless you are where I was reading this. Just to enjoy the flashback thoughts to a fun series.