A Catered Romance

A Catered Romance - Cara Marsi Traditional romance gone wrong after a misunderstanding. Meet again years later and get back together. While a decent read, I felt there was nothing original in this story.

Mary Beth met Tom in high school. she is our typical poor girl falls in love with rich boy but can't get over their fininical standings. That is the first thing that drove me nuts. It continues through the entire book! it is obvious he likes her but she just does not accept that. Anyways, his friend say some things that make her think their relationship was one big practicial joke. She disappears never even giving him the slightest benefit of the doubt.
Over a decade later, the grudge is still there. She and her partner need a backer and she reluctantly lets him help. but giving him a chance is out! I felt bad for Tom. He deserved better. So why he pursues her further I just don't get.

While the writing is decent, the story is VERY cliche. I struggled to find something original and came up short. And toss in an MC that I wanted to strange does not help. but is was overall enjoyable and short so not a waste of time either. Love the cover!