A Bride for Tom (Nebraska Historicals)

A Bride for Tom (Nebraska Historicals) - Ruth Ann Nordin Wholesome and sweet. This was a short but wonderful read. when I first saw the synopsis, I was partly expecting some "Hello Dolly"-ish. Not quite. What I did get was a sweet, nearly innocent historical romance.

Tom is a major clutz. In every sense of the word. He is hardworking and caring but can't get two words out without getting a foolish look. And when he moves, LOOK OUT! This story has a few cringe-worthy moments there! But I adored his character! Jessica a bit less so. She is sophisticated, beauty and more a true society girl. But she is not bad. Just misguided.

By biggest concern in this book is how she goes from one guy to another in such a short span. Otherwise I really enjoyed this. It is just over 100 pages so it is quick to read. Perfect for a sunny, outdoor reading session just to add to the atmosphere! Very clean. Refreshing to break away from the typical romance novels.

This is apparently book 2 in a series and while it can be read as a standalone, I can tell that reading it in order would have been smart. Now I need to go track down the first book.