The Wild One

The Wild One - Bonnie Golightly This was actually quiet the gem to find. I have a lot of these older pocket books from my grandmother and some have been too dated or boring, others are interesting. This fell on the interesting side of things.

Chloe is a 16 year old rich girl who knows no bounds.Spoiled to the core but when it comes to relationships, well that is another story. We get to watch as she grows up and matures to find the true meaning of love. Well, at least that is the point. Her "maturity" is questionable at times. But when it is it got a few laughs from me. Her endeavors range from heartfelt to comical.

The book is set in New York and I loved getting a females perspective for the era. It was a real treat! The writing and world is very well built. It is a fast read that I downed in one sitting. glad I picked this one up!