Summer of My German Soldier

Summer of My German Soldier - Bette Greene While this book is well worded, I didn't feel anything for it. I really wanted to! I mean, talk about a forbidden romance! Jewish girl and German boy during the war? I expected excitement, passion, maybe danger...

Nope. Mostly dull dialogue between the two characters. While I liked both characters and loved seeing Patty mature throughout the story, I was hoping for more. I liked the setting and conflicts at home, especially with her father.

The ages of our characters is partly what put me off. Patty is a young (12) girl and he is an adult (early 20's) soldier. I thought she would be at least a few years older! Although it does explain her maturityis some things it just made the 'relationship' awkward to me. Luckily it is still a very clean book so not too uncomfortable with it.

For me, I felt this was more a coming-of-age novel than anything. It is a fast read that I was able to quickly gulp down. I see why it is popular for required reading with the historical and personal growth blend.