The Smuggler's Code (Star Wars: Clone Wars)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Smuggler's Code - Justin Aclin, Dave Marshall, Eduardo Ferrera This book was ok. That is the best I can say for it, and barely okay at that. VERY much a children's comic. This is not all ages. It is a life lesson, kids book, using star wars. The art coloring and drawing seems geared toward a 6-7 year old. So young children's at that. While it was okay for children, for adults or Star wars fans like myself, this was a bit annoying. Besides our heroes names and basic looks, there is no lingering star wars galaxy feel to it. The creatures an not known Star Wars creatures, in fact I think the author made them all up and not very well either. They were quite cheesy. The plot line for Rook, the smuggler, was fine but I feel like they butchered Obi-Wan's personality. He goes on a vengeance kick through the whole thing. Having read the books on Obi-wan, including his childhood, this makes no sense to his character. That really dragged me down. It served a lesson purpose for children but was so out of place the who they choose as the hero. Anakin chasing someone he knew from childhood would have made more sense. Plus, they never explained why he was so set on giving chase.Overall opinion, great for your elementary age child as they are likely too young to read the other books. Very simple to read with LOTS of color (reminded me of Lilo and Stitch). But not for teens, adults really. I think for the older audience, this drifts too far from the Star Wars that we know and love.I received a copy of this book from Diamond Book Distributors and Dark Horse so a special thanks to them. I received this in exchange for a fair and honest review.