Pathfinder Volume 1: Dark Waters Rising HC (Pathfinder (Dynamite))

Pathfinder Volume 1: Dark Waters Rising HC (Pathfinder (Dynamite)) - Andrew Huerta I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. I had heard of Pathfinder, the RPG, but never played so I was not sure what to honestly expect here. Let me say that you do not have to be a gamer to enjoy this graphic novel. Although, if you are, it really adds to the story.Each character is very unique in personality. They are very stereotypical of their various class. The warrior was a drunk and blindly charges in, the zealous cleric, the elder wizard, etc. I can easily see a group of gamers playing these roles. Then there are the goblins. Shocking to say, but...I LOVED THEM. Ugly, nasty creatures that there were they amused me so much! They spoken in rhyme and, oh the things they said. "Meat and Spice! Chop and Slice!" or "Goblins Creep, Goblins Leap, take the gold then go to sleep." So many amusing expressions!This book had me laughing or at least smiling through almost the entire book. Things like referencing Dwarven Woodsmen (when dwarves like to me amongst their rock typically) or the quote here: "When I imagined myself traveling the world finding adventure, staying up all night spying on a junk pit was not part of the dream." What I could have done without were the giant spiders. I hate spiders!! Also, the artwork was a bit chaotic at times and certain character expressions were a bit odd at times. Otherwise very nice. Great color use!As a bonus, at the end they have information about pathfinder, the world, character, etc. Including stat sheets and other useful gaming updates. Now I need to find some fellow gamers to check this out!This book was provided by Diamond Book Distributors, courtesy of Netgalley. So special thanks to both those teams! And of course, the game creators deserve a round of applause for the creation of Pathfinder. This book was given in exchange for a fair, honest review.