Hush, Hush (Graphic Novel)

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick, Jennyson Rosero Ummmm....where is the rest of the book? That is the first thing I want to know. This is list priced at $19.95 and it only covers the first 5 chapters of the book?! So, there really isn't much to say about the summary of this. We meet the characters, Nora, Patch and Vee. Patch teases Nora, Nora doesn't like Patch and feels stalked by him. Mystery man breaks through Vee's windshield to get at Nora. That's it! Nothing more. Seriously. I feel this was a half inch thick teaser. The good-plot line stuck to the story. Word-for-word enough times even. The bad-the characters look nothing how the book describes them! Nora is really bad. Wrong hair and she is dressed in clothes I don't see anyone being allowed to wear in school. Point 2: This has too much detail for a graphic novel. Like I said, line for line copying for the book. The graphic novel covers only the first 5 chapter but is more pages than the first 5 chapters even are!Overall, I really feel this graphic novel is bad publicity for the book and not worth the cost. I really did not like them not finishing. The story hasn't even gone anywhere yet! *I won this book on in a raffle.