Dark Swan: Storm Born, Volume 1

The Dark Swan: Storm Born #1-4 (Dark Swan Comic #1-4) - Grant Alter, Dave Haman, Adam Markiewicz, Richelle Mead I really enjoyed this! A nice blend of fantasy and supernatural. Once again, Richelle Mead gives us an awesome kick-butt female heroine!Eugenie is very well portrayed. Reasonably confident, but not over the top. Caring and practical. It is very easy to like her. The pace seems well done. Her 'minions' are likeable in their own way too. Eugenie is given a request that she doesn't really want to take on. Travel to the Otherworld to rescue a man's sister. Such travel is dangerous but she feels for the guy so she takes on the assignment. However, before she goes she has some unique encounters first as demons, fairies and the like start calling her by name. How did she become known to them. So now it is a two-part job. Save the girl and learn why the Otherworld wants her. This story seems well paced for a graphic novel. A nice blend of action, romance and fantasy. Very solid story. My only complaint is the drawing of the faces seems too harsh in a lot of shots. Just my opinion though. Otherwise the artwork is nicely done. Good blend of coloring and shading.I made one grave mistake in my reading of this. I read this BEFORE the book. So now I have to backtrack and read the novel. Wish me luck!