The Fire King (Alterra Histories, #1)

The Fire King - C.S. Marks This was nicely written. A great welcome to a new fantasy world!The characters were very unique and individualistic. I wish I could have got a bit more of Faelani especially. Being this is a short novella, I cannot say too much about the story itself. What I can say is there are a vast array of characters, creatures, and more. Alterra is a very detailed word, shown briefly to us. I want to read more from these lands.While part of me loved the details here, part of me also said it was too much for a novella. Too much info, too many places, people, etc for so few words.At times, it is overwhelming. Yet C.S Marks is kind to us, giving us a glossary at the end to help us know what is what. Overall, a very enjoyable fantasy that is a great intro into a whole new realm! I look forward to reading more by C.S. Marks!