Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue - Christopher  Smith, Constance Hunting, Kathlyn Tenga-Gonzalez The people in this book are such nice people....NOT! There are very few books that I dislike or hate as many characters as I did this book. But that is not a bad thing. On the contrary, the characters did not seem like they were meant to be liked. Its New York City, rich drama at its worse!The book focuses on the Redman family, and a man name Louis Ryan, as well as many of their friends. L. Ryan hates George Redman with a passion and sets up a revenge plot to kill the entire Redman family. However, the Redmans, friends, coworkers and the Mafia throw in some twists that has you wondering who will succeed, who will live and much more. I wish there was at least 1 truly likeable character but even the "good guys" didn't catch my interest. These are some messed up people I would not want to know in my personal life. Also, the sex clubs were a bit much so some warning that those squicky scenes would have been nice. Not that what happens is entirely offending to me (may be to some though), but I could have gone without some details. Otherwise a good book that keeps you guessing the final outcome. A truly twisted thriller of a tale. If you are looking for something dark to read, that is also realistic, this is it. Won this in the Goodbooks First Reads, freely given to me. Thank you, Christopher, for hosting this giveaway for your book.