Dreamy Drums: Trouble in Paradise

Dreamy Drums: Trouble In Paradise - J.Z. Bingham, Curt Walstead A cute, fun childrens book. This book is part of a series, but, like many other children's books, they do not have to be read in order. This story is about a young dog, Sammy getting a family (dog parents and a cat sister) but causes trouble for the neighbors, such as digging in their yards, chasing the mailman, etc. What I loved about this book was the illustrations. Very vivid in color. each character very expressive to the situation. Wonderfully done. The story, while cute and enjoyable left a LOT of questions. Such as what was in the bag he was hidding. It was such a focus it seemd like it should have been more important. Also, no real lesson seems to be learned yet and an adventure just begins but has no end or middle. So it is very jumpy. Kids are left with question and so am I. Yet we all liked the characters themselves.