Into the Night (Into the Night #1)

Into the Night (Into the Night #1) - Jade Fowler This book took me by surprise! I was expecting expecting a fun, lighthearted supernatural book for a quick one time read. What I got was so much more...This book is mainly written from our the point of view of Logan, a young man who is disconnected from his parents due to an incident. He loses his job and comes across a unique offer. Leave the life he knows behind and move to an estate where he receives room and board in returning for training and being willing to fight supernatural creatures once a week. The catch, he cannot have contact with the outside world nor tell anyone where is is going, who he works for, etc. Having little to lose, Logan accepts but goes in expecting a joke.No joke. He meets a vampire, werewolf, zombie, fairy, leprechaun, etc. He befriends two other recruits, Mack and AJ, who tel him some disturbing news. Once you are there, you can never leave. The guards will stop you with the aide of a witch and psychic. Indeed there is a witch, Gena, and psychic, Penny. the daughters of his boss Gerard. But is the leaving part true?This book also takes in from Penny's perspective as she and Logan become friends. Logan is learning whom to trust and whom not to, dealing with his desire for the local vampire. Penny, too has her own issues with her family and a certain werewolf who has claimed her as his but is unsure of her feelings toward him.My only complaints with the book is the physical description seemed lacking. In how characters looked, the layout of the estate, etc. I wanted to understand things better. Like how figts wre determined. A month after Logan is there Mack is in his first fight? How many recruits are there so that you can go so long and not fight? Also. even when reading from Penny's point of view there are major things happening that apparently never cross her mind. I realize the author was trying to keep things a secret for out enjoyment but some of what she knows should have seeped through just a little more I would have though. And yet its a good thing as I said it keeps us in the dark so we can later be surprised.This book had a bit of the romantic air to it but was not the main theme for the story. This was a very refreshing change. However, throughout all the supernatural plot this book does focus a lot on the human heart and what we feel for others. This I loved. I loved the conflicting emotions each character went through. Very well described and realistic. I almost cried at one point in the book. And had sneaky emotions that kept trying to guide my thoughts as I read. Especially the second half of the book.Almost every character seems to have some kind of secret. Some are answered in this book, some I must wait on the next book, for which I am highly impatient on. Especially the character Jackson, Gena's brother. Something is definitely up with that guy. Things are not as they seem in this book and there are twists and turns which I love to see unfold. Every character has a story that we get to learn about. And since each character is so well created (excluded physical looks) each backround was great to read.Normally I would say 4 1/2 stars is the rating but since that is not an option, 5 it is! I highly anticipate the next book in the series and I hope author delved even deeper into her characters. Thank you to the author,Jade Fowler, for offering the chance to read this book. She offered copies of it as a gift to a group I belong to. So I thank her for the chance to read and review this fantastic story.