Eyes of Elisha

Eyes of Elisha - Brandilyn Collins I had such a blast with this book. It catches you right in the prologue and doesn't let go of you until the very end!Our main character is Chelsea Adams. For the past year she has the gift of receiving visions, sent to her by God. Her husband and her are looking at hiring a man named Gavil to hire as the VP of her husbands business. While at the dinner meeting that she meets him she gets one of her visions. It is the worst one she has ever had and is of a young woman being murdered. When she is free of the vision, she is staring a Gavil who has a guilty expression somehow, and KNOWS it is him.Her husband doesn't believe her and nor do the police. That is, until she finds the body! The next problem is proving who the killer is. After all, visions are not proof in a court of law.As the police hone in on Gavil, making his life difficult, he hones in on Chelsea. And now we have a game of cat and mouse...This book has several questioning the faith, or lack there-of. God's will vs human will, is there a God, why is God doing this? and more are asked by various characters. So yes, for those of you who have a hard time with religious books, this is a strong Christian fiction novel.Branilyn Collins did a great job with character portrayal. I especially liked Officer Reiger. He is a stead-fast Christian walking a tough line of faith in trusting Chelsea, and finding evidence and remaining professional on the job.This story takes us through the investigation, betrayals, the court room and beyond. While the story may seem cut and dry and you think you know how it is going to end, don't bet on it too soon. After all, there is often more than what meets the eye!My only drawback to this book is that I want to know what is going to happen with certain characters and the author left that hanging. I hope some of those characters will make an appearance in the second book so I can get more answers.