Anna to the Infinite Power

Anna to the Infinite Power - Mildred Ames This was a book I wanted to read for a long time. I remember seeing the movie many years ago and wanted to read the book then but it took a while to find a copy. For the time it was written, this is a well done book. For modern readers 20+ years later, its lost some of its wonder I think.This book focuses on Anna, a pre-teen with a very mathematical mind who seems to lack most emotions such as concern, empathy, sorrow, etc. She finds out she is actually a clone when she accidentally comes across another girl who looks exactly the same and has the same name. Anna was part of a science experiment that clones a scientist they had deemed crucial to human-kind. Anna then is places a sort of self-discovery to learn who she is, where she is from and who/what is family. Its not a bad book but it is dated and is also more geared for the 9-13 year olds. So for me it was a quick, but enjoyable read. Although I must admit it has some disturbing moments but nothing major. This book has you questioning the morals of scientists though.