Supernatural: Nevermore

Supernatural: Nevermore - Not a bad job on this novel, since it is based off a tv series. Being a fan of the series, I can be a bit critical about staying in character. I am used to movies based on books but this was the opposite. The tv series came first, then this. While it was not great, and the 4 stars was a bit generous, the author did a fairly good job keeping the Winchester brothers in character.This particular story sees the brothers to New York to help out a friend of a friend with a ghost haunting him, calling out "love me." While there, they take on another, darker case. Someone is creating a murder ritual to bring Edgar Allen Poe back to life... So we actually get two stories in one with this book! If you like the series, or just like supernatural stories in general. A bit of action, comedic quips, ghosts...not to mention the famous Sam and Dean themselves.