BioShock: Rapture

BioShock: Rapture - John Shirley A great book. Each character was so well done, with their own personality. The author did a great job taking a video game and using the story from it to make a novel. we are given characters from the game that we love (or hate as the case may be) and now have an even more extensive backround. Taking mainly from the perspective of an simple workman, Bill, we see the creation, life and eventual downfall of the underwater city Rapture. Rapture was founded by Andrew Ryan, whose ideals of a better society, free of war, religion and government are well grounded. The city is off to a good start but, like any society, has problems over time. Other figres rise for power and get their own following. Financial segregation sets in and when a plasmids are created chaos ensues, violence rises and the people are forever changed. John Shirley did a great job showing us these changes and inviting us into this underwater world. It has inspired me to replay the first game all over again!