The Murderer's Daughters

The Murderer's Daughters - Randy Susan Meyers *Won this book as a first reads free giveaway on Goodreads. Well, this book had some good points and not-so-good points. The whole book focuses on two sisters, Lulu and Merry. The book starts off when they are young children and their father murders their mother and even tried to kill Merry (the youngest). The story follows them through their grandparents while being exiled by aunts and uncles, an orphanage and finally a foster home. It also continues through their adult years.Lulu has shut her father out of her life, telling herself and others he is dead. Merry clings to him, in a love/fear relationship. The book is first person perspective that takes turns throughout chapters from Merry's POV then Lulu's. while I enjoyed the perspective and could understand much of what each girl was gong through, for some reason I just could not FEEL it. In a like this I want to be able to fully understand and experience what is going on. I could not quite to that. The book also had wierd jumps, some chapters seemed pointless while other I thought should have been hit on more (such as their teen years which was heavily glossed over). Regardless it was still an enjoyable read and does make you wonder about why someone may act the way they do, how trauma can effect somebody.