Tail of the Moon: v. 1 (Tail of the Moon)

Tail of the Moon, Volume 1 - Rinko Ueda This is one of my favorite shojo manga series ever! It does, however have a slow start. The first few volumes were very good but once you get started, the story really gets moving nicely. Usagi (also referred to as Usa) is the main character who at first almost annoyed me but soon became a fantastic character. And the other characters, too, are memorable.Usagi goes to marry Hanzo (a ninja and head of the Hattori clan) but is initially pushed away by him. But our heroine is persist and and won't give up on her grandfathers order to marry and bear his children. Usagi grew up to be a ninja but is seems to be physically inept. Her skill is medicine however is remarkable. Her charm and spirit even more so. Her constant companion is young Mamezo. He is much like a foster child to her. Yet he also does his best to protect her. There is also Yuri who is Usagi's competition for Hanzo's heart, Hanzou who is a playboy-type figure with girls and other great friends who will join.The story takes place during the Tensho era of Japan. I highly recommend this to any shojo manga fan. Its an endearing tale, and one I wish was also an anime but alas that wish is so far denied. So join Usagi on her training to be a ninja and a great bride for Hanzo.