Star Wars Beware the Sith

Star Wars: Beware the Sith - Shari Last This book was filled with information about the Sith, and Dark Lords of the Star Wars movies. Various facts about powers, artifacts, plans, etc. Some of the information given was already obvious from the movie and really did not need as much attention as it got in the book. Some of the info about the 'artifacts' was not very accurate from other sources I have read and consider to be more accurate and official sources. However it did have some unique information for someone who has not read any other books. I wish the author focused some more attention on real Sith practicing and info and not just what was in the movie. Once in a while you get a bonis fact but mostly just movie info and assumptions based on that. A fair book to read through, maybe learn something new, but not a great sourcebook of facts and information by a long shot. The quiz-map at the back will be fun for youth.