Angel of Wrath (Voice of God Series)

Angel of Wrath (Voice of God Series) - Bill Myers An interesting, quick read. There are several prominent characters in this book. This was a plus and a negative. I liked the different perspective of things yet at the same time you don't get a great feel for a lot of the characters. This book has a strong emphasis on spiritual warfare. There is a serial killer on the loose who is killing members of the same church, claiming it to be 'judgement' for their sins. A group of teenagers in a religious cult trying to "unite" Jesus Christ and Satan. and a demon legion who preys on ones guilt. Throw in the pastors family, a former FBI and special ops agent and a 13 year old deaf girl named Jaz and who have this fast paced novel. There are no breaks in the pace. It really does keep moving, which I liked overall. I do wish the characters were more developed though. However it is part of a series (this can be read as a stand alone) so I will go back to the first book and see if I can get a better feel for Jaz and others.