Envy - Sandra Brown A great story by Sandra Brown. A near-perfect blend of romance, mystery and even suspense. The book has three focused characters. Maris, daughter of the CEO of a publishing company and editor. She is sent a prologue to a story that immediately captivates her. After some searching, she comes across the writer. The author is Parker, a bitter recluse. due to a horrid incident in his past, he was left in a wheelchair. The other main character is Noah, Maris' husband. Noah has a darker agenda to sell of the publishing company and make a hefty profit. This novel also closely follows the story Parker is writing and its characters. Soon Maris is questioning how much of this story is based on real life. Little does Maris know that Parker has his own agenda to fulfill.This novel was nicely written, the characters were easy to love (or hate as the case may be). Some nice surprises ant twists throughout the book, following well into to suspense line. The romantic aspects were well blended into the story. A few things were a bit predicable but not overly so that you lose interest. The intrigue holds through to the very end. 4.5 stars