The Struggle (Vampire Diaries Series #2)

The Struggle  - L.J. Smith This second book of the Vampire Diaries series picks up exactly where the first book ended. Stefan is missing, and Elena confronts Damon by her choosing. We see a lot more of Damon in this books and he gets close to classmates and family members, drawing ever closer to her. Bonnie's abilities get showcased more in this book as well. This story also focuses more on Elena's missing diary.The pace of this book seemed a bit faster to me, which I liked. we also get to know the minor characters, Matt, Caroline, Meredith, etc better. The story was more from Elena's perspective this time, with less Stefan. It has a cliffhanger ending that has me determined to get my hands on the third book and find out what happened and will happen. This story was an easy read. I read over 75% in one evening sitting.