Vampire Academy: Signature Edition

Vampire Academy  - Richelle Mead Nicely done, Richelle Mead! A great teen vampire book. This story is written from a first person perspective from a teenage girl, named Rose. Rose is a vhampir (half vampire) and has assumed herself as a guardian to her best friend, Lissa. Lissa is of royal lineage in a vampire hierarchy system. The book starts with them having run away from the school they were raised at. but straight from the beginning they are forced back to the Academy. This is a special school for vhampirs and vampires. Rose is sassy and tries to act tough but is always trying to look out for her friend, with whom she has a special and rare bond. Lissa is being tormented by a mysterious person who keeps leaving her dead animals and seems to know a bit too much about Lissa's past for comfort. Both girls are behind on their studies and also are caught in some horrible social games.This story has all teen high school drama. Gossip, crushes, relationships, parties and more. Richelle Mead did a great job writing this. I loved reading in from Rose's perspective. Not to mention her growth as a character. The culture was nicely explained throughout the book as well. A bit mature possible on language and sexual content for the younger teen or preteen, but great for the older teen, young adult. Even adults can enjoy this book for its story. So long as they can handle the high school drama flashbacks