The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus Series #2)

The Golem's Eye (Bartimaeus Series #2) - Jonathan Stroud A good sequel to The Amulet of Samarkand. Bartimaeus is back. And his former, temporary master, Nathaniel. Or, as he is known to everyone else, John Mandrake. Nathaniel. once again, summons the djinni on order to save his career. However things go from bad to worse for Nathaniel. From the Resistance, golems, skeletons and inner enemies amongst other magicians, this duo has their work cut out for them. Also, this story brings in a third perspective. Kitty, the thief leader we briefly met in the first book. She is a active member of the Resistance. However, things for her go bad to and soon all three meet up, once again.Overall, well done. I am very much enjoying this series. Bartimaeus is still a great character, however Nathaniel has become career and self obsessed and often frustrating. I loved learning about Kitty, her backround, personality and more. A strong, well-written character. Even Nathaniel is, in a unlikeable way. The story is nicely paced with a blend of past and present. Also a great character blend. It made for a fun read.