The Bloodstone Chronicles

The Bloodstone Chronicles: A Journey of Faith - Bill Myers A very interesting book that gives some basic concepts of faith to life. A few teenagers (Nathan, Denise, and Joshua) get to travel and see different worlds. A 'rock' they find called the Bloodstone. Their companions and guides are two very unique characters named Aristophenix and Listro Q. One speaks only speaks in bad forms of poetry and the other is extremely dyslexic. There is also a firefly/ladybug type creature named Samson.The guides for these teenagers view Earth and its inhabitants as upside-down. As the story moves along it is very easy to see why they say that. The first world they visit is their home world. One immediate difference they notice is the difference of birthday traditions. On a persons birthday, instead or receiving gifts, they give them to others. Along their adventure they meet and are tempted by those that try to thwart their adventure. Each world they go to these teenagers learn valuable lessons about life and God. Such as how God gave us free will and what that really means when bad things happen. They learn why there is pain and even death and many more important life lessons.The book is four stories in one. Each story has lessons for the travelers. Each lesson is easy to incorporate to our own faith and easy to understand. Each will test and strengthen the adventurers. This is a wonderful Christian novel for preteen to adult. The book is easy to read and keeps you fascinated until the end.