Anime -L

Anime -L - Hal Marcovitz A very biased, and not very well researched, view into Anime. This hits on topics from what anime is, how it began and how in interacts in American culture. Or at least that is what the author seemed to be trying to do.

What the author did have that I liked: History. Major names from the industry. How anime came into being. Some insightful differences from American animation style to Japanese Anime, comic books vs manga. Also the interaction between Disney and Animation artists/studios. Lots of interesting tidbits are in here. But a lot of what is here is common knowledge as well.

What I did not like: The very biased view the author has. Especially on fan basing. While in America the largest fanbase is indeed teenagers, fans range of all ages. But to him it is teenagers with a few exceptions for children with shows like Pokemon. But that in Japan, even adults enjoy anime. Excuse me?! I know plenty of adults that enjoy anime! And what is this info about how in America it is all about adventure or sci-fi anime but in Japan they like romance, comedies, fairy tales, etc?! Those are known and liked in America too!!

This mentality continues throughout the book. He hits on manga the same way about how certain age groups only read certain types of manga. Well it might be more set in Japan, but I know plenty of readers who love a variety! And how are manga a step below the standards, far below what Americans are used to? So the pictures are black and white usually. The cover has color, also there is such a things as imagination! To me, the artwork is often far superior. The detail and expression conveyed in a manga is RARELY seen in comics. Not that I don't enjoy American comics, because I do. I just do not like the biased way this information is portrayed.

If you want to write about your thoughts on anime/manga that is fine. If you want a fact book that is fine. But do not write your opinions as facts. Much more surveying should have been done before putting some of the things in here in the manner in which he did. Overall, better information can be found free online. Talk to fans, do your own research if you want more information. There is a lot better information than this out there, free to read.