The Stars Are Falling

The Stars Are Falling - Michelle Birbeck This was an interesting, quick read. The title is very straight-forward and sets the staged for a face-paced story that does not slow down until the end. Simple, straightfoward and even thought-provoking.

Jenny is a student looking to major in Nuclear Physics. She lives with 3 other roommates (Dale, Alexis and Mark) in an off cmapus home. While out star gazing one night she witnesses what is assumed to be a meteor shower but later learns they are Stars. Guardians of Earth, coming to save the planet by destroying all humans. Yikes!

The pace is very fast, from the stars arriving on earth, to the early death of her mother, to the discovery of who she is. Jenny tries to outrace the clock, outrun the Stars and save her planet. Her roommates join her. Dale is a sweetheart who quickly hooks up with Jenny in the beginning and sticks with her through thick and thin. Alexis comes off as a party bimbo at first but we soon learn she is more. Mark, while least liked by Jenny is actually one ofthe characters I liked. While he cares for the others, he just wants to come home, but when it is time to get down and dirty he is still there for them.

While I liked how fast the book moves, keeping me very engaged, it seemed to skip over character development a bit. And yet there are times we get glimpses into Jenny's past a bit to get a feel for her. Yet overall, I just struggled to get into the characters. I never got the chance to really feel for them. Also the imagery. One part can seem very well done, such as watching the stars fall. Yet when she describes the house broken into, or the journeys through York, I drew a blank. Part of the problem I am sure is that I have never been to York, but I felt as though it was written with the expectation of knowing the layout. Otherwise, very well written.

This book is also quite thought provoking. We quickly learn the Stars are there to destroy us for hurting Mother Earth. Jenny's ideas for saving herself and everyone else had me thinking what solutions would I come up with? Also makes me reflect on what I can do to help or hurt. The book brings up a very good point. This planet is dying at the rate we use up natural resources, pollute everything etc. So bravo on the plot for making me pause, think and reflect on my own habits!

Couple other things I wish were different or seemed off. One, I would have liked a bit more Science aspect to everything. It would have fit in nicely. Also, how does one 19 year old think she is going to convince not only stars, but all the people of the world? All government leaders, environmentalists and general public must all get on board. This just seems a bit out there to me. I would have felt differently if one of them had a connection to a high ranking official or something but no. These are just small things though, and don't really detract much from the book.

So overall, I enjoyed it. I goes so quick with everything going on that time flies by while reading. Also, the smaller cast keeps a smooth, easy to follow story. There is the insta-romance going on between Dale and Jenny which is overall very sweet but a little unreal in some aspects but I did like the relationship between them. Only wish there was a bit more! Clean enough for teens yet the plot is something adults can enjoy as well. A pleasure to read. 3 1/2 stars is a bit more accurate a rating though.

*I received a Ebook arc to read and review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.*