Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions

Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions - Aldo Fynn This is the sequel to [b:Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer|21806663|Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer|Aldo Fynn||41070417]. While it is still enjoyable it did not have quite the drive I felt in the prior book.

This story picks up exactly where the first book ends. Prince Iggy and his 5 companions (including the bird Napoleon) are on their way to the Rose Kingdom for Iggy to claim his rightful place as ruler. Iggy is still very insecure about himself however. It is obvious he has a long way to go in self confidence. Poor kid.

However, along the way the group noticed that the Rose Star is blinking in and out. So they take their ship from the seas and shoot it into space. REALLY?! This scene was quite up their on my ridiculous radar. This works in a little kids book but a little too impractical for the aimed age group. Anyways, here they learn the star is bored! So Iggy and the star agree to switch places for a few days. But how to ensure the switch will be reversed?

Meanwhile the current Queen of the Rose kingdom learns of Iggy and begins searching for him. After all, nothing can jeopardize her position on the throne. She and her sisters would have been perfect in the Kingdom of Naysayer. So much greedy, impractical happenings surround them. One thing that confused me here is the sisters. Victoria was the sister to the former king that she assassinated. So why are her sisters okay with this? They didn't gain the throne by this! So there behaviour and loyalty do mot always match in this book between this oddity and other happenings.

So there is the first half the book. THEN we get to the Tower of Decisions. I do not want to say more here as things may be spoiled for other parts of the book.

So overall, the book had many parts that made me smile and a few interesting challenges for Iggy and company. Yet it also had a few irregularities that jumped out a bit too strongly. I also wish we got a bit more into the other characters. I still feel as though I know very little about Henry O' Henry and the others. The book is left at a cliffhanger so I hope there is another so I can continue to see how the story develops. Still a good read for older children and middle grade youth. 3.5 stars