Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer

Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer - Aldo Fynn This book was a very fast, fun read for me. A perfect book for elementary children ages 8-14 or even adults who just need a relaxing, amusing read.

Iggy is an orphan boy in the Kingdom of Naysayer. He was found on the kindgom's shores when he was a baby and taken straight to the school where he lives. He has no friends and it teased and ridiculed constantly by his peers. This immediately pulls at my heart for Iggy. Even his teacher is awful and allows and encourages this. Then we meet the King of Naysayer. Greedy, nasty man takes the one thing that Iggy ones. A red ring found on him when he first arrived in the kingdom.

So imagine all the school bullies of elementary school that you know. That is every person in this kingdom. Lying is encouraged, bad deeds are praised! And alone stands Iggy, lonely with a moral code different from the others.

When Iggy is taken by a man claiming he is the long lost prince of their Kingdom, Iggy does not know what to believe. All he knows is he doesn't want to be "Stinky Iggy" anymore.

This book touches on finding ones own identity, and especially lots of elements on various bullying. I had hoped for a bit more "lesson learned" type of story for those around Iggy but that is not what we really get. But we go watch as Iggy stands up for what is right and true. I do advise with the bullying aspects, younger children should read with an adult. Especially if the child has experience with bad bullying. It might be a bit sensitive.

Iggy is a great kid that I enjoyed reading about. This was book one of a series. A light read with a little comedy and periodic pictures to give ones eyes a break from the words. The chapters are short, making the reading for children easier for break stops. Definitely a thumbs up read!