Son of Set

Son of Set - Kelsey Ketch Oh the levels Kelsey Ketch takes us to on this adventure! This is the sequel to Descendant of Isis. It is packed with more drama, action, romance and intrigue than before.

Seth and Natti are on the run from Seth's father (Sean) and the other Sons of Set. Unable to trust anyone, they are completely on their own. Natti wants to solve the mystery of Ra's secret name while Seth wants nothing more than for her to be safe. These goals do not seem to hand in hand. Natti has to come to terms to what happened to her in the temple and decide if she can trust Seth and the feelings she has for him.

Seth's character has really grown on me by about a third of the way into this book. In the first book I didn't like him and was just beginning to warm up to him. Now I can relate to him much better. He still has a few traits that are less than wanted but with his upbringing it is fully understandable. We get a good view more into his story in this book which was very appreciated. Not to mention he amuses me with his idea of “real food.” Quote:
“I'm not eating all this healthy junk twenty-four-seven. I need real food too. Chips, soda, jerky...”

Then there is Seth's father, Sean. What a villian! No matter how hard Seth tries to evade him, he is always right behind him. He is truly cold. Most evildoers at least care and have a weakness for family. Not him! He truly wants his son dead. In fact,. Here is a quote from the book:
“He would slit his throat and have the pleasure of his son's blood drenching his flesh while watching the light fade from his eyes.”

Then there is Natti. I actually liked her a bit more in the first book. Although she has, understandably, been through a lot. As the book continues, she does seem to regain a sense of self, it just isn't want it was. She has a way of making you smile throughout the book though.

There are a few steamy scenes in this book too! And while the romance is heavier in this book, it does not dominate it. Kelsey Ketch truly does a wonderful job blending the genres. Yet this book is more mature than the first one While the first book had some scenes that young readers should possibly avoid, this book is more descriptive and the concepts to the scenes are more serious so I definitely did not feel that it was young adult. New adult might be more appropriate, even if 2 of the 3 main characters are teenagers. Mind you this is just my opinion. Not saying teens shouldn't read this, but it is likely better for the older teens. Otherwise, it is great for all ages on up from there.

Lots of close calls, minds games, chaos and more await. This volume does take on a more paranormal aspect than the first one as well and it delves even further into Egyptian mythology. An exciting read. Just be sure to read the first book before getting into this one!