World of Ash

World of Ash - Shauna Granger I really enjoyed this book. World of Ash can really make you wonder what life would be like after an apocalyptic plague wipes out a large portion of the population. And what the plague/pox doesn't kill, the military certainly will in order to 'protect' and control the situation.

This is the situation young Kat finds herself in. Her home, L.A., was recently decimated, her family gone and she is alone on the road, traveling by foot toward Washington. This deadly disease is not only deadly but has a magical element it all. It is spread be these creatures called Pestas. The first scene I read that had one of these Pesta's I was holding my breath right along with Kat! Creepy! Scientists have no cure so Kat feels her best chance is to follow her mother's

Most people she comes across are angry,violent or scared and often Dangerous. Lucky for Kat she does come across two companions during her travels. A dog named and a young man named Dylan. Together they set off. Blue is a sweet, protective dog that is so lovable. Dylan is naive but caring and has some good knowledge about cars that helps. Kat is great one minute and annoying the next. She used to be very materialistic with her fancy nails, spa treatments, $300 hair styles, etc. That lifestyle is so far from mine it can be a bit hard to relate to her at times. But she is tough and has learned a lot from the situation so I also give her a lot of credit where it is due.

Biggest disappointment for me was we really don't learn much about the Pesta's. Kat says the are magical. Everyone knows about them. But how they work, where they came from, etc is still very unknown. The magic element simply seems to be they came from nowhere and infect you with the slightest touch. I hope there will be another book that will answer more about there part in the story and continue Kat's journey. If there are more books, I will be quick to buy a copy!

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