Dead Letter Office, Parish Mail 1

Dead Letter Office, Parish Mail 1 - Kira Snyder Dead Letter Office is an interesting mystery novel. Yet this is unlike most mysteries one may have read. In this book the reader helps decide the course of action for the story. For those who enjoyed the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books as a child (or even teen/adult), then this is the next step up!

Teenage Celia has just moved to New Orleans with her mother. Trying to settle in, getting to know her grandparents, finding new friends and grieving the loss of her father all at the same time. Celia's character is easy to connect to as she tries to fit in to her new life. She is very down-to-Earth. At least, with the choices that I made she was...

There are many opportunities to help Celia in what she does. Who her friends and contact choices are to even her dreams... every couple chapters you are given a choice to help steer her life and solve a murder mystery.

While I have only read this one, I look forward to another go at it to see other aspects of the story and to see if the ending is different. I know it cannot go way of course as there is a sequel out (that I look forward to reading) but at least I can learn more about Celia.

In addition to Celia meet a Luc, Tilly and Donovan. Tilly is a practicing witch, Donovan is a detective's son and Luc is a ghost. My guess is each choice you make might give new insight to each of these characters as well. And there is just a hint of romance between certain characters. Not too much and certainly not a detraction to the story. Just enough to add character development.

This paranormal mystery is a light, easy read. Great for teens and adults. While not very deep with how short it is, it is still lots of fun. From what I have seen, it almost seems to me more of a intro the the next book which is three times as long! I look forward to seeing what happens with Celia and her friends!