Daughter of Isis

Daughter of Isis - Kelsey Ketch This was a fantastic read! When I choose to read this book, it sounded intriguing and I figured I would enjoy it. However, it turns out that this novel was better than I had anticipated!

It starts of with teenager Natara Stone (Natti) moves to America with her father. They leave their home in London after the tragic murder of her grandmother. The come to the small town of Setemple only to learn in it has very strong Egyptian theme (including a pyramid). This sets the pair off as it reminds them of Natti's mother who died. Upon arriving at their new home and unpacking, Natti comes across a box her grandmother had given her and in the box was a mysterious letter her grandmother had left for her to find. This is when my interest really picked up. I quickly wanted to unravel the hints of the letter.

The other character we meet is Seth. At first I could not stand him! He charms his way through school and sleeps his way through most of the female population there. Although I loved seeing how he keeps chasing after strong-willed Natti! While is character is sleazy at first once I started reading more from his perspective I actually felt sorry for him. He is a tricky one to peg down. His best friends, Q and Ky, I hate. Nothing nice to say about them. Natti, on the other hand, I LOVED. She is spirited, caring, witty and full of life! She is very easy to like and I enjoyed seeing her British backround show up now and then.

Overall, Kelsey Ketch did a good good with blending in some Egyptian style and lore into this book. It is easy to follow and she explains things well. The book has a great pace to it. Brisk enough to keep things going but paced enough to draw the reader in.

This book has some very mature themes in it. Lots of sexual references, drugs, human sacrifice, mind control, etc. Nothing too strong of over the top, but dark enough that I encourage this more for older teens and adults only. It starts off light but as the story delves deeper it also gets darker. So readers be warned!

There is a romantic element here, but it is mixed with possession, fear, hate and confusion that it by no means is a main focus. It has just enough to have you wonder about the pair but nothing more. This was a nice change in a young adult novel that focuses on a male/female lead combo.

This is a great read for fantasy or mythology fans! The book draws you in and keeps you wondering the outcome every step of the way. I hope to know more about the next book in the series soon. it is definitely one I will be keeping an eye out for!