Dark Souls

Dark Souls  - Ketley Allison Great start to a series. Ketley Allison has a great debut novel here! The main character, Emily, is a young woman trying to make it on her own in the big city. While her best friend, Macy (who seems a bit shallow at first but grow on you), is living an easier life of college, parties, etc, Emily is stuck working two jobs just to struggle still to make ends meet.

One day, Emily's life is flipped upside down when Macy's boyfriend transforms into a monster and attacks her. Yet something inside Emily knows how to handle it and soon he is dead. When Macy friends Emily she is alone. No body, no blood...nothing. Emily soon finds herself in a world full of demons. One such demon tells her she is one of them. Or is she? For Emily can do more than other demons...

Emily also meets Asher, who she is drawn to, an his sister Gwyn. These two have secrets of there own. I must say, I could not stand Gwyn. She is just plain cruel and nasty! Asher on the other hand I couldn't decide one way or another. Being the book was all from Emily's perspective it was a little jaded. While there is a romantic element, there is no major romance in this book which was nice. While I wanted them to try and be together, it was sweet to see nothing was rushed for it, especially with everything else going on.

I felt really bad for Emily. Certain people knew more than they were sharing with her as she tries to learn about herself. I could not imagine going through what she goes through all alone. Although this is partly her own fault as she too is not truthful with others. Guess honesty is a two-way street here.

The book started off a bit slow for me and it took awhile until I could get into it. Yet once the pace picks up it doesn't slow down again even for a minute. It keeps you guessing who or what Emily is, dropping partial hints throughout the book. It was a fun thing to do while reading. Yet none of the hints give everything away, so you aren't stuck fully knowing what is going on until Emily herself learns the truth.

The ending left me sitting still, starting at the book, willing there to be more. While the book answers the questions needed to finish, it easily leaves things open enough for a second book. This is a great book for older teens and adults alike.