Atlas: 1 (The Atlas Series)

Atlas: 1 (The Atlas Series) - Becca C Smith Very enjoyable adventure! A bit of Greek lore, lots of supernatural and good action! Kala is such a great, strong lead character. I liked her immediately and that enjoyment lasted the entire book.

The book wastes no time getting into the characters and the story. The first chapter gets you interested in Kala immediately and chapter 2 has them rushing off to Air Force One after a highjacking! Kala soon finds the world she knows turned upside down when she is told she mist do things (often times killing people it would seem) or the world will end. Unsure what to believe Kala ignores the warning until her reality is filled with Demons, Angels, magic and more. The most important thing being who (or what) is Atlas really?

A gripping book that was hard to put down. Becca Smith draws you strongly into Kala's world and does not let go. Which is why the end was so hard on me. While I loved the story, it has the most abrupt ending. I won't say more on it for I don't want to spoil it but I kept clicking 'next' on my kindle hoping for just a bit more and was denied.

While I loved Kala, I would have liked to see a bit more insight into other characters. Especially Jack. Also, for how strong willed Kala is, her reaction to one of the supernatural just does not seem to fit and seemed very unnecessary for a stand alone novel. So unless the author writes a sequel I do feel Kala's personality drifts a little too much. Still, I loved her.

Overall, great book. Great for supernatural fans, urban fantasy, greek mythology, or even military thriller/action fans! It's a fast read and well worth ones time. I will definitely be looking into Becca C. Smith's other novels!