Sweet T and the North Wind

Sweet T and the North Wind - Cat Michaels, Irene A. Jahns A sweet read. I think this book can work for a good reminisce on happy times for adults, as much as be a good read for the kids.

"Sweet T" is a young girl with two little sisters. It is winter and she wants nothing more than to get out of the house on her scooter. Add some "North Wind Magic" and you get a wonderful adventure of the imagination. I had a nice time thinking of my one childhood summers and using my imagination to go places. A great way to encourage kids to utilize that ability more. Let their imagination take flight. So when they are couped up this winter, read this together at bedtime, and let their imagination take them through their dreams!

Now part of the book does take a bittersweet turn, but is a part of life many children must face. The illness of a loved one. Sad at parts but has a happy "life's mysteries" twist at the end.

While this is not a favorite of mine, I see some good merit in this book. There are some good questions at the end for discussion if you so choose. My only negative to this is I don't see this as a repeat read. Maybe once. After that I don't see a kid wanting to read it again.

*I received a free file copy of this book in exchange for a fair, honest review*