Mother's Love Can Conquer Any Fear!

Mother's Love Can Conquer Any Fear! - Subhash Kommuru, Sujata Kommuru This is suppose to be a book for young children?! Well, I hate to say this but unless your child is well versed in Indian culture and names and an extended vocabulary, this is a far cry from an easy read.

On the farm Anand Nagar (put the two words together and it is actually the name of a city in India). There are some chickens being terrorizes by a crow. These chicken are fearful of him. The name of the book comes into play on one page where a mother hen faces the crow to save her chick.

With names like Shastriji, Kaalia, and Jamuna, plus words like frequent, argument, beautiful, aimlessly, resonated, thoughtfully, interrupted, dejected. and many others this is NOT an easy book for kids. Reading would be very hard, but even comprehending.

I can see parents as constantly being stopped to explain words like grazes, dejected, tyranny, etc. And the concepts are not exactly easy either. Especially with sentences like this in the middle of the book:

"Shastriji became busy preparing ECFE(Early Childhood Family Education)!"

Why is that in a childrens book about farm chickens?! Seriously?! I don't even want to have to stop reading to explain that.

Now for the art: I have mixed feelings about the artwork. To explain, let me state that the entire book is written and drawn with crayon (except for the peace and love meditation book drawn with colored pencil). Even the title page is in crayon style. Colorful for kids but also shows a lack of professionalism. The drawings are mostly decent and can even be pleasing. But then others look like the author let their kid do. This might do better to even just draw the characters and let the children who read the book color for themselves!

Overall, I was extremely disappointed. I would not read this to my child. Too much work, and by the time and age they are ready for the challenge they will likely be on a book with more plot and substance.

The exemption-If I lived in India or my family and/or neighborhood was heavily into Indian culture. Then this makes a bit more sense. (minus the large words and ECFE reference).

*I received a file copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*